[022] FKHIA

This Italian music producer started producing in 2018, exploring genres such as trap and drill, and discovered her love for Dubstep in 2020. Since moving to Bristol @fkhia has been shelling out across the city, showcasing her deep digs and love for the genre, expect deep percussive blends through Dub and 140.

Mycash - Calypso
Ondiss1cup - Wadaba (Mycash Prod.)
Usurper - Hausen
Nei Denti - Say
DE-TU - Stay Low
Stain - Retrospect
The Widdler - A. Venting
Kontent - Insomniac
Mr K. - One Skin
Cartridge - Like Gold
DE-TU - Koshi
Skream - Rutten
Ishan Sound - Namkha (Kahn Remix)



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