[022] EF KIA

This Italian music producer started producing in 2018, exploring genres such as trap and drill, and discovered her love for Dubstep in 2020. Since moving to Bristol EF KIA has been shelling out across the city, showcasing her deep digs and love for the genre, expect deep percussive blends through Dub and 140.



Mycash - Calypso
Ondiss1cup - Wadaba (Mycash Prod.)
Usurper - Hausen
Nei Denti - Say
DE-TU - Stay Low
Stain - Retrospect
The Widdler - A. Venting
Kontent - Insomniac
Mr K. - One Skin
Cartridge - Like Gold
DE-TU - Koshi
Skream - Rutten
Ishan Sound - Namkha (Kahn Remix)

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