[012] HARTTA

You can find Hartta transmitting across Bristol and London-based stations, presenting a regular show on Threads Radio with a recent guestmix featured on Noods Radio. Previous releases can be found on Kaarbanik Sound, Limbo Tapes, Banoffee Pies Records & BREAKING BASS with a selection of organic and analogue sounds within the genres of 140, Dub, 2-Step, UKG, Broken Techno and Breaks.

Margari’s Kid x Sabasonik - ???
Anunaku - Bronze Age [Whities]
Spektralsound - Silent Declaration [???]
Kamus & PinballSpider - Galah [???]
Guava - Pitch Control [???]
Hartta - If You [???]
Agora - Lamma’s Night (Earthnut Remix) [forthcoming Strictly Flava Offbeat]
Ernestas Sadau - Hiroshima (Acid Breaks Your Body Mix) [Pinkman Broken Dreams]
Happa - One Three Five [Whities]
Plura - Process Obscura [???]
Hartta - Bring Yours [???]
Young Lychee - Could It Be [Ghettoraid]
Denham Audio - Loop 6 [WNCL]

Hornsey Hardcore - Don’t Get Strange [Sneaker Social Club]
Glyn Hendry - Escape Club 99 [Poly Kicks]
Margari’s Kid - Roundmoor Gardens [???]
Hartta - Hauntology [???]
Martyn - B.C. 2 [Osgut Ton]
Djrum - Hard To Say [R&S]

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