Fresh to the Calgary scene, but no stranger to Dubstep. Carter Kemist recently planted his roots in Calgary after living on the East Coast for the greater part of his adult life. One to let his music do the talking, Carter’s knowledge in Dubstep runs deep. 

Having closely followed the genre since its inception in the early 2000’s, Carter is an outspoken individual who prides himself in his vinyl collection and his record label, Vinyl Vigilance. Originally founded as a private Facebook group – Vinyl Vigilance was dedicated to connecting 'Dubsteppers' globally with strict emphasis on the physical format. It has since grown to release music from the likes of Kromestar, Cluekid, Repulsion, Nova and K Man The Phantom: all exclusively on vinyl. As a DJ, Carter has performed on many systems including the infamous 40Hz Soundsystem (Toronto) alongside the Tsunami Bass Experience out of Brooklyn in support of artists like RDG, Kahn, Joe Nice and Hatcha, just to name a few.

Burke - Harsh (Devil) [Dub]
Krytikal - Lombard St. [Dub]
Cluekid - Electric Avenue [Dub]
Orien - Pandora's Box [Dub]
Kromestar - First Kind [Nebula Music Group]
Scarz - Saucer Dub (RDG Remix) [Cue Line Records]
Nova - Still [Dub]
Pacific Numen - Le Notti del Morte [Dub]
Cyrus - Mind Games [Tectonic]
Nova - Scavenger [Vinyl Vigilance]
Kromestar - Mischief Dub [Forthcoming Vinyl Vigilance]
Nova - Vigilance [Dub]
SnoopyDubz - Babylon Fall (Pacific Numen Remix) [Forthcoming Frozen Plates]
Kromestar - Unikron [Forthcoming Vinyl Vigilance]
Kromestar - Gravity [Nebula Music Group]
Pacific Numen & Repulsion - 216 [Forthcoming Frozen Plates]
Repulsion & Nova Feat. Culprate - Late One Night (Vocal) [Vinyl Vigilance Dub]
RDG - Robot Jam [Dub]
Repulsion - Icy, Burrrrr [Dub]
Nightmare - Determined For Change [Dub]
Cluekid - Mistik World [Infernal Sounds]
Sleeper - Yonks [Crucial Recordings]
Nova - Dragonfly [Dub]
Repulsion - Ring The Bell Swift + Y.S.F.W's [Vinyl Vigilance]

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