[020] Martian 

Our first mix release of the year and we're excited to welcome LockMars head-honcho Martian onto the series. 

Expect an eclectic blend of genres from this selector that has found himself at the forefront of the Bristol electronic music scene for a number of years now. His multi-genre influences are evident throughout, with the wide array of artists & genres he hosts at live events, as well as his selections on the decks. 

Benton – Askurs Reece [Reload]

Roy Bar – ??? [Dub]

Ulmo – Odium (Benton remix) [Manuka]

Biome - ??? [Dub]

Lijah x Hypho - Blu Sonicarto 
Blumey – ??? [Dub]

Prizma – Bun down (Somah Remix) [CNCPT]

Fonzo x Ansza – ??? [Dub]

L Major – Switch 

Plastician ft. Skepta – Intensive snare [Terrorrhythym]

Joker – Holly brook park [Kapsize]

Sir Hiss ft. Emz – Rolling [White Peach]
ook – Bittersweet [Sector 7]

Zha – What I’m on 

Saule x Oxossi – Ride it [DDD]

Goth Trad – Sinker [Deep Medi]

Sir Spyro - Topper Top (ALXZNDR Version) 

Biome – ??? [Dub]

Chad Dubz – Dope Sh*t [HOTPLATES]

OH91 – Meditation VIP (Digital Dub)

Jook – Juice (Sector 7)

Rakjay Ft. Logan – Move from we [Crucial Recordings]

Loefah ft Sgt Pokes– Mud VIP [Deep Medi]

Phossa - ??? [Dub]

Burke – Bram Stoker (Argo Remix) 

Ivy Lab – Suzuki 
Lord Jabu - ??? [Forthcoming HOTPLATES]
Sepia - ??? [Dub]
Glume & Phossa - Twisted
Teffa - Hostile Worlds [HOTPLATES]

Phossa – Untitled [White Peach]

Glume – noSlaughter [HOTPLATES]

Alix Perez – Lifeline [1985]
Namaste - ??? [Dub]
Sepia - ??? [Dub]

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