[008] MUHLA

MUHLA is one of the co founders of Too Much Collective [label, events, merchandise] as well as one the original contributors to The Circuit Facebook group which has led to unknown producers networking, collaborating & getting releases across the UK and further afield.

Since his debut release with Canopus Records he’s had music signed in America, Japan & most recently L U C Y s new label imprint SZNZ7N.

This mix showcases: friends, local talent & bangers, enjoy.

MUHLA - Exp (Devil mix) [Dub]
Major Oak - Fronts [Dub]
Sabasonik - States Pt. 1 [Too Much Collective]
Nanobyte - Lost Time (Gantz Remix)
Arkwright - Gutterball [Self Release]
Khanum - Easy Duz it [Foto Sounds]
Mala - Eyez (Nights Refix) [Free Download]
JLSXND7RS ft Armour - Banana Clip [Free Download]
MUHLA - Kimchi (Original Mix) [Kwaioto Records]
SkintDisco - Desert March [Glassy Records]
Zygos - Agite [Foundation Audio]
Burke - Guinness [Dub]
Filthy Gears - Live For [Dub]
ZERG - King Kong [New World Audio]
Kahn - Abattoir (CREEP N00M Refix) [Grime Disciple]
Malleus - The Taste of Mildew [Self Release]
Osco - Sajida [Forth. Too Much Collective]
Griz-O - Sundown ft. Rider Shafique produced by OH91 [Self Release]
Jook - Shard Riddim [Free Download]
Natsirk - Psycho [Free Download]
Blumey - Primula
Prizma ft Killa P - Bun Down [Zonae Remix] [Forth. Low Tide Recordings]

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