This month we welcome rapidly-rising producer and DJ, Spectre, to the series. We've been waiting to get this talented artist on the series for a while now; having spent the last few years making some big inroads in the scene, Spectre is now lining up releases on various established labels within Bristol and further afield. 


The Sorcerers - Overgrown Icons
Sir Hiss - Anatolian Heartland
K-Lone - BB-8
Fiend - Emeralds
Spectre - Lens
Kercha - Broken Illusions
Proove - Black Crown Vic
Drone - Kaleidoscope
Saule - Pistola
Ago x Boofy - Goldfinger
Spectre - Grounded
Spectre - That's Nice
Geode - Accomplice
Ago - Flashin'
Fiend - Omen
Jafu - Used To
Ago - Blur
Spectre - Swim
11th Hour - Illicit
Proove - Passerby Unknown
Ourman - Kreep
Kercha - Fulminating
Spectre - Desire
Perverse - Method IV
Deft - Pressure
Niche - Indica
Drone - Polar Opposite
Kercha - Mental Ballast
Boofy - Perfunktion
Spectre - Overdell Cemetery
Distinct Motive - Haste
Anecho - Mental Degradation
No Harm - Hedera
Spectre - Wise Guy

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